You Are A Star - Storytellers

You Are A Star - Storytellers

Our Vision: “A world inspiring all children to their highest potential”

Our Mission: To provide uplifting entertainment for children of color where they see people that look like themselves role-modeling positive values and attributes, that ignite sparks of aspirations to overcome adversity and succeed; to promote reading; and to encourage multicultural understanding and appreciation.

You Are A Star NFP has a volunteer board of directors that oversee the productions and scheduling of showcases in schools and churches in and around Chicago. These three individuals ensure that the mission is always clearly in focus and do all they can to promote interest, open new doors of opportunity, and guarantee each performance has adequate volunteers and a clear itinerary. It can be a great deal of work for a small staff, but it’s what we love, what we’re passionate about, so the hours are nothing more than time to us.

Our onsite staff, for showcases, is made up of all three directors and our volunteer squad who do the majority of the setup and breakdown – not to mention playing parts on stage if they so desire. We welcome any and all who would join us as volunteers into our Ebony One Program. Becoming an Ebony One is a major boost to our organization as it means we have another dedicated volunteer we know we can count on to be there for the children.

It’s our sincere hope that one day soon, hopefully this year, we’ll be in a position to bring on more staff and promote more events at a wider selection of venues. Our mission, and all of our hopes and dreams, is in your hands as the donor, the volunteer, the social media advocate. All of these roles play a huge part in our success, so we invite you to join with our committed staff in bringing a message of achievement and possibility to children of color across Chicago, Illinois, and the greater nation beyond.