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Our Vision: “A world inspiring all children to their highest potential”

Our Mission: To provide uplifting entertainment for children of color where they see people that look like themselves role-modeling positive values and attributes, that ignite sparks of aspirations to overcome adversity and succeed; to promote reading; and to encourage multicultural understanding and appreciation.

You Are A Star is exactly what our name implies – to make every child feel special. We produce plays which highlight positive role models of color for children to experience a world where what someone does is more important than what they look like. Too often, children of color in Chicago are faced, almost incessantly, by negative imagery and media depicting people who look like them in a poor light.

We strive to present people of color doing good, often great –even magical things so that children understand that all things are possible if they believe in themselves. We encourage children to reach for their dreams.

We want all children of color in Chicagoland to become StarDreamers. To look over the horizon, beyond the boundaries society sets, and see their tomorrow is anything they dream it can be. We provide them with a story and they become a part of it through their own actions and decisions, so that, when it’s all said and done, they’ve empowered themselves through positive experience and acceptance of the boundless possibility inherent in their own potential.

In essence, we tell them that their dreams, their StarDreams, can become reality with dedication, integrity, and hard work.