You Are A Star NFP presents “The StarDreamer Storytellers”

Our Vision: “A world inspiring all children to their highest potential”

Our Mission: To provide uplifting entertainment for children of color where they see people that look like themselves role-modeling positive values and attributes, that ignite sparks of aspirations to overcome adversity and succeed; to promote reading; and to encourage multicultural understanding and appreciation.

The StarDreamer Storytellers seek to inspire at-risk youth and encourage them to read through dynamic storytelling

  • A reader usually has empathy towards other people, because good stories and literature are about the human condition, the thinking and the emotions of being human.  Good literature values humanity and celebrates the human spirit and potential.
  • Poor literacy leads to unemployment, poverty, and crime. According to How to Help Every Child Become a Reader (U.S. Dept. of Education), 43% of those with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty. Our prisons are populated with poor readers: 70% of inmates fall into the lowest levels of reading proficiency.
  • Seventy-five percent of today’s jobs require at least a ninth-grade reading level. American college graduates earn 76% more on average than those with just a high school diploma.

The StarDreamer Storytellers: Inspiring Children to Their Best

Goal: To help educators uplift at-risk youth by encouraging them to succeed in school and to read; to promote a “Yes You Can” attitude in the students.

Program Offerings:

  1. The StarDreamer Readertainment™: Our multimedia entertainment program that uses storytelling, video, music, and live theatre to inspire children to reach for their dreams and encourage them to read. We bring reading to life!

Our program is based on the book Stardreamers’ Land of Yes You Can, written by Will Crutcher – the founder of You Are A Star NFP and the StarDreamers Storytellers. This fantasy adventure tale engages children’s imaginations, inspiring them to reach for their dreams and to succeed.

  1. The StarDreamer “Yes You Can” Workshop: This is our follow-up workshop that reinforces the “Yes You Can” message in a much more personal and targeted way and consists of three segments:
    1. We discuss in detail what “Yes You Can” means to the students. We utilize part of the StarDreamer story/performance along with choral reading and acting to help students develop inner motivational and reading skills.
    2. We conduct a StarDreamer envisioning exercise where the students see themselves being successful and develop action steps to take.
    3. We lead a call and response exercise of positive affirmations with a djembe drummer.

Suggested Program Schedule

Conduct one StarDreamer Readertainment™ as an assembly for students of a specific grade. This would be followed by a workshop for each class/grade that delves deeply into the values of having a “Yes You Can” attitude, envisioning success, and promoting choral reading.

Suggested Program Breakout

Grades K-2: One assembly and one workshop per individual class/grade.

Grades 3-5: One assembly and one workshop per individual class/grade.

Grades 6-8: One assembly and one workshop per individual class/grade.

Time Required: 45 minutes per assembly presentation + 45 minutes per workshop = 1.5 hours total.


Option A: StarDreamer Storyteller Multimedia Readertainment™

Option B: The StarDreamer Combo

StarDreamer Storyteller Multimedia Readertainment™ with Workshop

Recommended Next Steps

  1. Meeting with school principal
  2. Schedule performance & workshop date(s)
  3. Conduct the program

StarDreamers can help principals help students:

  • With engaging, imaginative storytelling that reflects African-American culture, inspires a “Yes You Can” attitude, and engages the imagination of children
  • By conducting workshops that help children envision success, plan for success, build self-esteem, and
  • Encourage reading with a fun, afro-centric, fantasy adventure and utilize choral reading techniques

We welcome the opportunity to help you help our children succeed!