JohnDavid & Barbara - Storytellers

JohnDavid & Barbara - Storytellers

Our Vision: “A world inspiring all children to their highest potential”

Our Mission: To provide uplifting entertainment for children of color where they see people that look like themselves role-modeling positive values and attributes, that ignite sparks of aspirations to overcome adversity and succeed; to promote reading; and to encourage multicultural understanding and appreciation.

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give is their time. It’s, by far, the most precious thing each of us has in life, so giving it away freely to others and for their needs is the ultimate show of consideration, respect, and sincere feeling. Nonprofits can only exist because of people who are willing to give of their time to see that the events we plan, the promotions we get behind, and the initiatives we push become the successes we all dreamed they’d be. In fact, without the gift of time from so many wonderful people, You Are A Star would’ve never become more than Mr. Crutcher’s dream.

The mission of StarDreamers, to bring vibrant and thrilling experiences to children of color, depends wholly on the efforts of our volunteers, or “Ebony Ones” as they’re known in-house. They assist us with setting up and breaking down our staging, maintaining costumes and puppets on an ongoing basis, and – for the especially enthusiastic volunteers – performing onstage as a puppeteer, a prop master, or an actor. We also need volunteers to run the cameras we use to record our performances so children can watch whenever they choose on our website. Basically, we need as many volunteers as we can get who are interested in helping out behind the scenes and playing a part onstage.

We foster a welcoming, appreciative atmosphere among our volunteers and do all we can to promote that feeling to the children we come in contact with. One of the things that contribute to our programs being so effective is the interaction, the relationship that develops with our audience as our show goes on. They find themselves transported with us to a magical land where dreams come true, where all children are equally loved and appreciated, and, hopefully, come to see that that land isn’t actually magical or faraway. No, it’s here among their community, their friends, and their family. It’s found in the right choices and the tough decisions. It’s in the heart of every child – no matter their race – and, together, we can help them find it, embrace it, and allow it to guide them through the difficulties they face in the real world.

If you feel that this speaks to you, if it calls to you, then don’t wait another moment. Contact us today to become an Ebony One and help us teach the children of color here in the Windy City that we’ve not forgotten them. We’re here for them, to show them a better way to see the world, and how to achieve all that their hearts’ desire. All it takes is a sincere wish to do good work, an open heart, and a willingness to embrace those who need it most. That’s an easy task for us and, we imagine, for you as well, so make the call today – give your time and get more for it than you ever thought possible.