Support the Mission

Support the Mission

One of the ways we can show children we care for them, for their emotional and spiritual well-being, is by being there as often as we can to remind them of the greatness that awaits them – inside themselves. It’s our passion and we couldn’t do it without the gifts of support we receive from people just like you. In fact, it’s gifts and donations that make everything we do possible.

When we go into a school to put on a production, there are any number of costumes and props, electronics and educational materials – and all of these items cost money. That’s where the majority of each donation we receive ends up – in the productions we put on for the children. There are administrative costs as well, but those are negligible when compared to the budget for productions and supporting material.

Our dream as an organization is to reach a level where we can be showcasing these stories to children of color in schools all across the nation – beginning in the major urban centers. By perfecting our storytelling and stage presence, we can scale our operations up in the future to serve more and more children. That’s why your support is so very important to us and the children we serve.

We simply couldn’t do what we need to without you, so please take a moment and give a gift – any gift – and help us show children of color that society does care for them. By giving to You Are A Star NFP, you’re giving a child of color a chance to see the world as every child should see it – as a place of magic and wonder where anything they dream is possible.

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