We Accept Donated Items

As an organization that focuses on entertaining children in order to deliver what we feel is an important message, we always have need for donations of all kinds. You may be surprised to learn that everything we put together for our stage shows must be purchased if it hasn’t been donated by a caring individual. That kind of expense can quickly spoil our plans for putting on incredible shows that the children love, so it’s imperative we receive the assistance from the community we need to see a show through – from planning to presentation and everything in-between. In short, we need all the help we can get.

If you feel like you would like to pitch in with donations, especially item donations, please consider what it is we do for children. Our stage productions require all the same things you’d expect to find where plays are presented, so any old theatre props, wardrobes, or accessories are a real bonus for us. Our volunteers will work hard to adapt them to our specific purposes, but it’s much easier to adapt than purchase outright. We can never have too many options when it comes to costumes and clothing and will happily take any you’d be willing to donate – as long as they’re useable. Brightly colored fabrics and other such materials you might not find another home for will find a place with us – never fear.

We have need of all sorts of electronic equipment including sound and lighting for our productions, video recording equipment, and laptops, tablets, and PCs. All of this can be put to good use during our shows and behind the scenes where a great deal of the work actually takes place. Running a nonprofit is very much like running a business between shows, so anything that helps us with our administrative tasks is always welcome. In fact, when you’re considering getting rid of an old piece of technology, please think about us – whether it could further our mission and help us reach more children. Even if it only helps us in a roundabout way, we ask that you make a call and donate to our cause. It’ll be worth it to us, to you, and, most importantly, to the at-risk children we serve.

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